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Payments to the suppliers, in the time required are key deliverables to apply discounts, avoid penalties, services disruption and keep a good payment record.

At Uthos you have professionals performing the following integrated solutions:

  • Process Improvements: Identify areas of opportunity for process improvements and propose new solutions.
  • Receipts Process Check: review that all the receipts and attached information of payments, are well documented according to company policy and confirmation of payment amounts.
  • Payment Process: segregate invoices using the following criteria: apply prompt payment discounts; apply exact invoice payment terms or urgent payment. Uthos personnel will prepare all wire transfer information of the payment and submit for customer approval.
  • Accounting: perform the accounting process for Accounts Payable.
  • Customer Service: verify that all suppliers are satisfied with the service, review bank confirmation of every payment, maintain supplier’s data base updated, and perform trouble shooting and bank account reconciliation.


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