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Uthos is a Business Process Outsourcing Company located in Costa Rica. We provide Outsourcing Services with a broad level expertise in Information Technology, Finance/Accounting and Administrative solutions.

If you are looking to accelerate the positive impact to your company, be doing Business Process Outsourcing; Uthos is your right choice, as we strive to provide value added to your business by simply performing and achieving great results to our partners.

Business Process Outsourcing is your first step to initiate a cost benefit relation that will help your business, obtaining quality of work, performed by talented individuals according to your professional skills requirements. Uthos as a Business Process Outsourcing Company provides all the technical support needed to initiate a long term relation. We strive to implement Information Technology Solutions, with B2B processes, in order to implement automated solutions to our clients and improve the current business work flow.

Our Business Process Outsourcing Company and our strategic location at the Center of the Americas, provides an excellent opportunity to use real time collaborative communication tools, perform conferences and even plan a face-face with your outsourcing team.

Let’s us know what is the best way to assist your company with our Outsourcing Services, by filling out the Quote with Us form.

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