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Traveling for business purposes is part of the day to day business in most of the companies. No matter if your employee travels locally or out of the country, an expense report needs to be presented and submitted following the required approval path. Also, you do not need to travel, to incur in company expenses.

At Uthos we identify that the time an employee takes to perform process and provide follow up of one expense report payment is very significant, depending on the level of detail required.

Also, if you have Corporate Credit Cards for your employees, you do not want them to be blocked due to payment issues related to expense submission delays or payment issues with the Banks.

 Uthos provides a global solution of Expense Report Process that contains:

  1. Expense Report Processing and submission: Uthos will process the expense reports from your employees, according to the company policies and submit them for approval.
  2. The service might be integrated once the expense report is approved, we can perform the Employee Corporate Credit Card payment to the Customers Bank and the General Accounting requirements for your Financial Department.
  3. Customer Service: Uthos can perform the Customer Service for troubleshooting if an expense report has documentation issues, payment issues of Employee Corporate Credit Card with the Banks, employee’s credit card account statement conciliation vs. expense reports presented, and expense report approval status.
  4. We can perform the expense reports auditing process according to the company policies, viewing also the physical expense receipts.
  5. Customized Reports for the Expense Reports Process.


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