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The Companies require the Service of Financial Analyst Solutions to support the need of financial technical information to monitor the health of the business in terms of productivity and maximize the company profitability, while performing the planning process.

Also the information provided throughout the analysis can be used as key data to support Management in the decision making process.

We can offer customized solutions. The following is a list of the solutions provided and supported by the Management Best Practices:

  • Profitability Analysis
    Finance Analysis of profitability for any type of business, marketing strategy or project. For example, your company needs to start a marketing promotion with one of your products and needs to calculate what will be the profitability increase of the marketing promotion; we can do all the Financial Analysis to review the promotion results in profitability.
  • Price Benchmarking
    Identify the most profitable price by performing a price benchmarking of the specific country or sector.
  • Work Force Productivity by Region
    View the productivity of your work force by analyzing weekly, monthly or yearly productivity. Identify productivity targets and areas of opportunity.
  • Profits and Losses (P&L)
    Perform the Profits and Losses Report for your company. Review actual status vs. Budget of previous year. Also, as we understand that your company’s yearly budget might have changes due to the normal business situations; at Uthos we can perform your P&L Forecasting and Reporting.
  • Opex Budgeting.
    Perform the Company budgeting of the Operational Expenses.
    Review the actual expenses vs. your budget in monthly basis by department and product. Comparative analysis vs. previous year.


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