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Uthos is an Offshore Outsourcing Company dedicated to provide solutions in Information Technology, Finance and Administrative areas. We are located in the center of the Americas, Costa Rica.

Considering the constant pressure to increase productivity and cutting cost, the advantages of the Uthos Outsourcing Offshore, like significant cost reduction, area expertise, skilled professionals, quality work and collaborative IT tools, are some specific factors that will help your company to achieve the require targets and revenue increase.

Our Offshore Outsourcing Solutions are always growing according to the rapid market environment needs, as we are constantly looking to provide our customers with top of the age technology and management best practices. We strive to innovate and automate in every process we do for outsourcing, as we want to provide value added solutions at all times, through deeper analysis and inside.

Faster results; needs faster approaches, thinking globally requires to execute globally and locally, that is when our Offshore Outsourcing Solutions will determine and accelerate your company strategy and success. Our main presentation card is our work and our best references the clients

Our Offshore Outsourcing Company located in Costa Rica, provides an excellent opportunity to use real time collaborative communication tools, perform conferences and even plan a face-face with your outsourcing team. Besides Offshore Outsourcing Solutions, Costa Rica has beautiful natural places and beaches to visit.

Let’s us know what is the best way to assist your company and Outsourcing Offshore needs, by filling out the Quote with Us form.

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