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Prior to start looking for an offshore outsourcing company you need to choose the right location that best suits your specific needs. Costa Rica is ranked as one of the best places to perform offshore outsourcing business in Latin America.

The election should not be considered difficult, ones your company has clear requirements in terms of looking for an offshore outsourcing partner. What facts need to be considering when choosing the right location for Offshore Outsourcing? The facts to have in consideration are: Professional expertise, market proximity, technological infrastructure, political and economical stability, language barriers and accent.

When doing outsourcing offshore you need to have an offshore outsourcing partner that provides collaborative tools and have as part of the working culture the communication at all times. Communication is the consistent tool to have a successful offshore outsourcing partnership. Time zone is critical for certain type of business. The business that requires having constant communication with the outsourcing offshore team, requires proximity as a top priority

As an offshore outsourcing company, Uthos provides confidentially agreements to our customer as our goal is to outsource with confidence.. Uthos offers also, private VPN, password protection for the employees, encrypted documentation and data back up.

Education in Costa Rica is free and compulsory since 1870. The unemployment rate is 4.6%. English as a second language is being adopted in the majority of the secondary schools. Costa Rica has 4 public and 54 private universities. The literacy rate is 94.7%. Choosing Costa Rica as an offshore outsourcing will guarantee the right outsourcing offshore expertise and the quality that your company needs.

Costa Rica has worldwide fiber optic access though Mayo 1 and Arcos 1 underwater cables. It also has a reliable power supply, 80% hydroelectric, representing an important country infrastructure. Take care of your core business and leave the Offshore outsourcing needs to Uthos. Quote with us.


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