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About Outsourcing Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a democratic republic, with no army, literacy rate of 96%, population of 4.3 million habitants and impressive grow in Software development and High Tec industries. We will talk about the opportunities of doing Outsourcing Costa Rica.

Costa Rica has achieved a high standard of living with a per capita income of about $5,100. Another important statistic is an unemployment rate of 4,6%. The country use to be known principally due to the high exportations of bananas and coffee, but pineapples have surpasses coffee as the number two agricultural exporter.

When Outsourcing Costa Rica, you will take advantages of doing Outsourcing Services with an Outsourcing Software development industry that is emerging as one of the most dynamic areas in Latin America. Currently Outsourcing Costa Rica host important players in the field like Microsoft, Unisys and Oracle, among important local industry that currently exports to the word.

Outsourcing Costa Rica is also growing in the Outsourcing Services of Finance, as it has excellent professionals in the finance fields of Accounting, Business Administration and Finance Analyst. The industry of Outsourcing Finance uses in Costa Rica all type of software the many companies uses around the glove, like SAP FICO, Oracle and others financial software.

It is important to say that many international and national industries utilizes them as part of their day to day activities, and experts in the IT Field are also growing due to the users.

Outsourcing Costa Rica enjoys direct worldwide fiber optic access through Maya 1 and Arcos 1 with a connection of underwater cables. Outsourcing Costa Rica also offers abundant and reliable power, generated through hydroelectric (80.54%), geothermal (15.45%), wind power (1.37%) and other sources (2.64%).

The United States is currently the most important trading partner as it accounts for almost half of the Costa Rican exports, imports and tourism. Currently Central America –including Costa Rica- are under negotiations to sign a Free Trade Agreement with the European Union. A free trade agreement is currently under the approval process with United States and the process is very advance. Outsourcing Costa Rica provides strategically business opportunities around the glove for Outsourcing Services.

Outsourcing Costa Rica gives you very good reason to start performing outsourcing services into a country of peace, democratic respect, economical stability and skilled professional fully bilingual. Outsourcing Costa Rica is emerging as an strategically location for many companies due to the location in the Center of Americas, same central time zone of United States.

An important fact to have in consideration is that Outsourcing Costa Rica with Uthos will provide you excellent qualified skilled professionals that have quality as a reputation. Outsourcing Costa Rica will increase your revenue. Outsourcing Costa Rica provides also a cost reduction strategy when your company needs to perform frequent flies as it takes almost 3.5 hours from any major US airport. Outsourcing Costa Rica is the right option for your company productivity enhancement. Contact Uthos, we will show you why so many companies are choosing Outsourcing Costa Rica as the business partners for Outsourcing Services.


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