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CFO`s are having a very aggressive approach to take the Finance outsourcing function to the next level. Achieving even greater results makes the organization to investigate alternative ways to optimize and perform greater value of the Finance processes.

Outsourcing Finance is key element of the business engines that enhance the objectives requires and helps to achieve the goal with fewer expenses.

How do I ensure Outsourcing Finance Back Office will help me to drive the next level organization?

By doing Outsourcing Finance, you company can assets the ideal areas where non-strategic part of the business are being performed, in that terms of Outsourcing Finance, you will approach to use the economy of scale that a finance business process outsourcing company has, the expertise and the management know-how, that certainly will help your business become more productive and more profitable.

Having an Outsourcing Finance Back Office with Uthos will help your business to provide value added at all times, because at Uthos we do not just limit to provide Outsourcing Finance, we go one step further by looking into ways to provide automation and process improvements, supported by our expertise in the outsourcing finance field. You will have a partner right next to you that knows how Outsourcing Finance works. Besides, you will have your own dedicated team of talented professionals in the finance fields with the expertise required by your company. Your company will choose the final candidates as in Uthos we like you to become part of our candidate’s selection process.

Do you have professionals skilled in SAP FICO, Oracle or other it software?

Yes, Costa Rica is well known as a country with international and national companies that work with SAP FICO, Oracle and other important software. We can provide you with the appropriate level of expertise at all times with Finance Outsourcing, while your company receives significant cost reductions. Uthos offers an excellent IT infrastructure that will maximize the potential of the communication with our customers at all times. Finance business process outsourcing is growing very rapidly into an option being explored by many small, medium and big business. It is very common in the Top 500 Companies. Let us help you enhance your business performance by Outsourcing Finance. Uthos will provide you the expertise in Finance Business Process Outsourcing. Quote with Us.


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