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Excellent cost structure: Uthos will perform non-core business activity for a fraction of the current cost, while your company focuses on the business core affairs.

High Quality Service: High skilled employees will obtain technical knowledge of your business operation by providing the best service at the highest quality standards.

Customers empathize:  Uthos will be 100% customer empathize, all solutions will be customized, adapted to customers business culture, mission, specifications and business process.

Skilled and talented workforce: Costa Rica's main comparative advantage for attracting investments is to provide sufficient qualified professionals and technical personnel at competitive costs. All staff is fully bilingual.

Value Added Solutions: The Uthos objective is not only to Outsource one operation from our customer, but to promote an improvement in the service satisfaction and create a more efficient operation, by adapting to the company’s structure and culture.

Cultural proximity with US: Geographic closeness, important volume of tourism, increase number of US companies with investments in Costa Rica, students exchange between each country, bilingual citizens, are some of the elements that shows the cultural proximity of Costa Rica with US.

Risk Mitigation: Well established Project Plan for transitioning, QA Testing during all necessary steps, skilled and trained work force with cultural integration with your company, disclosure, helps mitigate risk and become your partners of election.

Political Stability: Costa Rica has a long tradition of being a stable democracy. Respect for political issues and peace processes have been enriched by the abolition of the military service in 1949.

Strict standard with customer privacy information: Confidentiality agreements, encrypted documentation, authorization and password policy are key elements to protect data confidentiality. While recruiting, we check reference, feedback from previous employer etc. to ensure the integrity of our staff.

A time within the US time zone spectrum: Costa Rica is located on the Central time zone, within 3 hours from any mayor airport.


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