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The Key to Software Outsourcing

When it comes to a serious responsibility of achieving a commitment with a client, several aspects have to me considered to accomplished project success within software outsourcing. This is why nowadays the concept of project management has become more than a trend in the business of software outsourcing models and in general, it has become the key element to project success.

Project Management involves several practices and methodologies that require professionals highly trained to perform all this practices based on clients needs. Some methodologies such as Agile are well known in software outsourcing environment, they commit to a clean and flawless product deliverable. Some other methodologies and standards have also been define by the Project Management Institute, must standards and tools from the PMI can be use to contribute to any type of project from any business.

Must of these standards have their own tools for management and product control, these are carefully standardized by the project management at the beginning of every software outsourcing contract. The offshore dedicated teams outsourcing software model, gets executed remotely by the leading of a local project manager highly experience in managing software outsourcing models. The project manager is the main person in charge of communicating directly with the client and the main contact in charge of executing and delivering the product.

Outsourcing software brings an entire world of opportunities since you can expand your team at very low costs in a remote location like Costa Rica which is a country known for it’s tradition of stability and peace, also known as the 5 high tech exporter of the world. Costa Rica workforce is consider as one of the must important factors of investment since our people is highly literate, English speaking and well educated and nice people. Having a remote team in Costa Rica is like having and extension of your current in-house team. So, don’t worry about productivity enhancement and time constraint.

We will cover more about Software outsourcing and all this practices/methodologies in detail, please follow up in our blog. Keep in touch for more information on how we implement our project management practices in Uthos.


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