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Outsourcing Software Development trends 2008

Software Outsourcing will continue to affect more people around the world since its becoming the key to small, mid and huge companies for process automation. We are currently experiencing a strong globalization factor that has changed the way processes and IT has operated in the past. More and more efforts have to be accomplish in order to keep up with all the needs in this globalize world.

Outsourcing software development nowadays works in conjunction with many methodologies, process and most of all an affective team work and collaboration model throughout the outsourcing software development process.

Outsourcing Software development trend will be Agile in 2008 since it will increase in popularity along with effective project management, software testing and business analysis. All professionals coming from these fields of practice will now more than ever have to give this extra mile into specializing more and more in outsourcing software development so they provide a broad value added to all clients requesting software outsourcing.

Outsourcing Software development is the most popular and requested offshore model, several benefits such as low labor costs, bilingual, specialization, quality and best practices show why is so successful among all types of companies around the world. The outsourcing software development trend continues for every coming year and for present progress.

Agile approaches will be adopted more this year. Software Outsourcing providers are executing agile methods and always looking to increase performance and project results by the use of these methodologies. The Agile Model Driven Development will become strong in outsourcing software development since it will get complemented with TDD for requirements validation and design.

Project management in 2008 will be a very challenging experience for project managers with “more people to manage”. Small to mid companies are looking for outsourcing software development so even with small projects they get to automate all current processes into web applications. The challenge comes for software outsourcing project managers in terms of education, certification and all possible know-how they can get from real life experiences managing remote and multicultural groups. A great project leader is a person whose mentality capacity covers up emotional aspects and organizational behavior that can be fulfill throughout there career specially in the outsourcing software development model.


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